Hey, I want to teach you the art of tattooing – professionally and individually

– Ella

“ I learned all the basic skill and got a good basis for tattooing. The course covered all the most important things. Group size was perfect; Ella had time to instruct us all. I liked doing homework; they were not too simple but a bit challenging all the time! Thanks again for the course; it was great to learn tattooing. The course helped me get a trainee position in a tattoo studio! ”

– Greta

“ Group size was very good. I felt I got very intensive and individualized teaching. Content was sufficient. I feel I only still need help in acquiring and ordering equipment. The course duration was good, although I am still a bit nervous if I have to make a tattoo, but I surely would be even if the training was longer. Amount of homework was sufficient and they were interesting. I feel I got my money’s worth, and the training was a successful and pleasant experience. “

– Veera

“ Course content matched my expectations very well. Most kudos to individuality and taking it into account! Everyone’s skill-level was considered and wishes were heard, and learning the basics / theory did not suffer by that. Teaching was good, as the group size was three persons. There was time to observe and instruct / correct as soon as necessary, and instructions were given when asked. Instructor’s attitude and touch also get kudos. I felt welcome, did not have to be nervous about anything (other than finding my way there the first day ;)) and humor was great!

I got interested in this course in particular, because it was possible to accomplish along work 🙂

Big thanks for the course; this is a good starting point! “

– Susanna

“ Content matched my expectations, and I learned a lot of just the things I have wanted to learn in a short time. Group size was also good, as you got individual help when you needed it, course duration was good, of course I could have spent a  longer time there too. I am still a bit nervous to do (tattoos) but during the course, I also learned to trust my skills and will continue doing, so I guess my nerves will calm down too eventually. Homework was sufficient and it was nice they were of different styles.

Ella’s expertise, course content and schedule influenced my decision to enroll.

I am very pleased with the course, I learned a lot and it was always nice to come to the course. “

– Maria

“ Did it match my expectations? Well no, but that was only a good thing. At first, I thought the classes would be like lectures, conveyer belt-type with ten people in the course. So, it was positive it did not match my expectations. Teaching? Totally 10 / 10, very comprehensive and sufficient. Course itself? I think it was good they (the intensive training days) were a month apart, so it was easy to come even from a bit further away. Amount of meal breaks etc. was sufficient. And the duration of the days were sufficient. Group size – very good. Homework – sufficient and good exercises. “

– Ella

“ Amount of homework were just enough and they were versatile and sufficiently challenging. The group size was perfect for individual teaching. For this reason, the teaching was very sufficient. Course duration was sufficient. The course covered basics well. “

– Janita