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Instructor Ella Petman

Instructor Ella Petman

Tattoo Artist since 2006 -Thailand Tattoo Center v. 2005, 2006
Professional Eyebrow Artist since 2013 -Florence Wong Image, Kuala Lumpur 2013, Bangkok Beauty Academy 2014, 2016

I have been an entrepreneur since 2006 when I established tattoo studio Kanthima in Jyväskylä. Already in 2010, I noticed that the demand for tattoos skyrocketed. I got interested in an idea to brief and train trainees interested in the industry as tattoo entrepreneurs. My first trainee worked in my studio for a few years after acquiring necessary skills, and then set up a studio of her own in Saarijärvi. Next, I trained my future colleagues, who work as full-time entrepreneurs in my studio.

My own dream of a tattoo artist career almost withered due to the lack of competent teaching. -The passion to learn to be a tattoo artist was huge! -I wanted good and effective advice on how to practice right – but it was not simple to become a student of a professional tattoo entrepreneur with teaching skills.

In 2005, I got the opportunity to enroll in tattoo training and learn from one of the most skilled and respected tattoo artists in Thailand, Kanthima. She gave me the teachings, instructions and valuable tips, and by complying with them, I opened my own studio already a year after. With these teachings and instructions, and undisputedly diligent, independent practicing, which undeniably required resilience, tears, and good buttocks, I opened my own tattoo studio Kanthima in Jyväskylä a year later.

You only learn how to tattoo with persistent practicing, but even practicing does not help if you are not doing it right.

Let us turn your dreams into expertise!

Finnish Tattoo Learning Institute wants to help people interested in tattooing, and brief people dreaming of becoming tattoo artists towards their goals – we do not promise an easy and quick way, but offer the keys to the profession of a tattoo artist. Intensive training days consist of individual training, in addition the learning assignments accomplished in between the periods supplement learning effectively.